Testing Your Standard Email Campaign

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: HTML, CSS but not required
Objective: It is always important to test every email campaign before scheduling or deploying. This is because mail2 runs a check for key items like tokens and HTML to ensure deliverability. If you experience an error from your Quick Test, something in your email design is broken. You should review tokens and your HTML to ensure everything looks correct. If it looks correct, but you are still unable to send a test, contact us at mail2@lynch2.com and we'll help figure it out with you!


Preview Your Design

Before sending your test, it is recommend to review it one last time in the preview screen. The preview screen is intended to be an approximation of what your email design will look like. Due to the variability in rendering processes across email clients, the only way to know exactly how it will appear is through thorough testing. 


Utilize the features in preview

  • You can preview the email as it will approximately appear on desktop, mobile. You can also preview the text version.
  • You can view how it will appear on certain email clients.
  • You can use the ruler to measure the width of your email. We recommend 600px width.
NOTE: These are approximations. Results may vary by browser and email client. It is important to proceed to Step 3 to complete testing and review.

Send a Test Email

You can send to either all of your assigned test contacts or you can list specific email addresses. Test contacts will receive tests in both HTML and plain-text formats. There is a maximum of 10 test contacts per test send.

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