Importing Contacts One-by-One

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Contact Management
Objective: This article reviews the process to import contact(s) one-by-one through your mail2 dashboard. 

Go to Contacts


Select '+ New Contact'


Add contact information

  • Email address is the only required field. 
  • Checking this box will add this contact to the Test Email List, and the contact will receive test emails.
  • The default status is Subscribed; this allows your contact to receive campaigns.
  • The default status is Both; this allows the contact to select their preference in the email client. The contact will not receive both the plain text and HTML email for one campaign.
  • Enter any necessary custom field information under Custom Fields.

Add to a mailing list and/or static segment

Add to a Mailing Lists: Click 'Mailing Lists' and select appropriate mailing list for the contact. You can also create a new list and add the contact to the new mailing list.

Add to a static segment: Click 'Static Segments" and select appropriate segment for the contact. 


Click 'Save and Add Another' or 'Save and Close'

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