Asynchronous Promotion Processing

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Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL, C#, php, API
Objective: By default, mail2 processes and updates promotions in Tessitura real time. For large organizations or organizations with regular large deployments, this should be done asynchronously (not real time). To enable the async promotion feature of mail2, follow these steps. 
Before you start, make sure that you have update your procedures to the most recent version of mail2 that is compatible with your version of Tessitura,  located here.


In t_defaults, set "m2UpdatePromoInBulk" to "YES" for each parent table used by mail2 that would like to take advantage of Asynchronous Promotion Processing.


Verify that the following database objects exist in your database:


Create a scheduled database routine in SQL Server Management Studio that executes LP_M2_UPDATE_PROMOTIONS_IN_BULK

. This routine may be run as often as you'd like. We recommend having it execute at least once per day, or as often as every minute. It depends on your organizations needs. LP_M2_UPDATE_PROMOTIONS_IN_BULK takes care of processing any promotions that are stored the the LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE table. 


Set the "m2UpdatePromoInBulk t_defaults" to "YES"

This will cause all promotion messages from mail2 to immediately begin inserting to  LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE, instead of being processed real time. The routine you created will then pick them up and process them on the schedule you defined for the routine. After being processed, all rows processed by the job are moved to the LT_M2_PROMOTION_LOG table, where they will remain for 3 months.Each time the LP_M2_UPDATE_PROMOTIONS_IN_BULK procedure runs, it will remove any logged messages older than 3 months to prevent the table from growing too large. 


Since each organization has their own set of T_DEFAULTS, this feature can be enabled/disabled as needed for each organization independently from each other. You only need to schedule LT_M2_PROMOTION_LOG once for the entire consortium, however, as it will pick up all promotions that need to be updated and update them appropirately each time that it runs. Any organizations that have m2UpdatePromoInBulk set to NO will still have their promotions update real time.

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