Creating a Segment

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Logic
Objective: A segment provides a simple way to arrange and use different criteria tied to your contacts to create a dynamic list. There are a wide variety of conditions that can be used to create segments. Combining these conditions enables you to finely tune your results and see specific subsets of your database. 


Select Lists


Select 'Segments'


Select '+New Segment'


Set your criteria

Filter types

  • Email Action: Any action that occurs within an email campaign (open, click, unsubscribe, etc.)
  • Form Submission: A subscribe or update via one of your forms.
  • Contact Field: A custom field attached to the contact (f_name, l_name, etc.) Check the box at the bottom of the page to use default values for blank fields. 
  • Segment/Mailing List: A segment or mailing list the contact is/is not subscribed to.
  • Location: A geographic radius surrounding a location, set in miles or kilometers. This does not indicate residency; the location is not exact and is based off of where the last email was opened by the contacts, which is determined through the use of mobile phones, cell towers, ISPs, etc. Location is approximate. 
  • Workflow: Any action that occurs within a workflow campaign (open, click, unsubscribe, etc.)


And: (More restrictive) Selecting "AND" will return a segment that includes every and all conditions set within your criteria filter or filter group.
Or: (More inclusive) Selecting "OR" will return a segment that includes any one of your conditions set within your criteria filter or filter group. 

More Filters

Use more filters to further prune your data to return a more specific group of contacts. You can add more filters by clicking 'Add filter'.

Filter Groups

Use filter groups to group your criteria filters and combine with other groups to sculpt your data in different ways. 

Subscribers that can be emailed

Use this refresher tool to view the number of contacts that meet the criteria filter and filter groups you have created.

Use default values for blank fields

By checking this box, blank fields will use the default values established for the custom field.

Include test contacts only

By checking this box, only test contacts will be included in the segment.

Click Next


Review, name and describe your segment

Segment Type determines if your segment is static or dynamic.

  • Static: Contacts that meet your criteria at the time you have created the segment. 
  • Dynamic: Contacts that meet your criteria currently and in the future. 

Click Finish.

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