This procedure is used to gather all performance-related data for parent procedures LWP_M2_HANDLE_TRIGGER and LWP_M2_GET_ORDER_DETAILS. It is only called when a scheduled campaign is executed and is of the Performance-based type. 


@startDate datetime = null,
@endDate datetime = null,
@withKeyword varchar (500) = null,
@withoutKeyword varchar (500) = null,
@suppressSeasonTypes varchar (64) = null,
@suppressPerfTypes varchar(64) = null

Only performances that are on or after the [start_dt] and before the [end_dt] are returned.
@suppressSeasonTypes and @suppressPerfTypes are derived from mail2 T_DEFAULT values that may or may not be populated depending on business rules. They are used to globally suppress performances in a particular set of sesason types or of a set of performance types that should never be eligible for performance-based scheduled campaigns. Examples of this include performances that represent merchandise or parking. 

@withKeyword and @withoutKeyword are derived from parameters set in the mail2 dashboard scheduled campaign dialog for the scheduled job being executed. 

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