Designing Your Email via Full Email Editor

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 10 minutes
Suggested Skills: HTML, CSS but not required
Objective: This article covers the process to design an email using the Full Email Editor. Visit Full Email Editor Tools for more specific information on the tools to utilize within the editor.

From the dashboard, select 'Start an Email Campaign'


Select 'Start Now! Using Full Email Editor'


Choose 'Start from a blank email' or 'Select from a Template'

You may either copy and paste from HTML you have already written, or begin writing in the editor. Alternatively, you may select your template and click 'Next'.


Name Your Campaign


View and edit your design

You can alternate between the "Design" and "HTML" view by selecting the mode in the lower-left corner of the editor. You can edit the HTML directly or use  Full Email Editor Tools.  

Tip: Turn on the  tag inspector in "Design" view to quickly and easily highlight HTML elements.

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