This table records any global unsubscribes in Tessitura. Any time a user globally unsubscribes, they are entered in this table. If the user later reactivates, the [global_unsubscribe] field is updated to [N]. If a user has never globally unsubscribed, then they do not have an entry in this table. In a consortium environment, all members share the same table, which means that this table has a composite key based on [organization_name] and [address]. This ensures that patrons can globally unsubscribe from one organization in a consortium while remaining opted in to another.


    [organization_name] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,
    [address] [varchar](80) NOT NULL,
    [global_unsubscribe] [char](1) NOT NULL,
    [created_by] [char](8) NULL,
    [create_dt] [datetime] NULL,
    [create_loc] [varchar](16) NULL,
    [last_update_dt] [datetime] NULL,
    [last_updated_by] [char](8) NULL

This table is update by procedure:


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