Enabling the Output Sets Feature

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 15 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL
Objective: To enable using Output Sets during your Tessitura-Integrated imports, a few adjustments need to be made within your procedures.  If you are wanting to include certain fields with every import, you may want to consider customizing the import procedure

RAMP clients: This functionality is being reevaluated and is therefore not currently available for RAMP users. You may want to consider  customizing your import procedure.

Alter the LP_M2_Proc_To_Table procedure currently installed in your database

Modify the procedure by setting the server, User ID, and password on the  @ConnectionString If you are a RAMP client, you may need to contact RAMP for a valid server name. Once you've tested and confirmed that the connection is working, proceed to step 2.


Run the TessCrypt Encryption Utility to encrypt the connection string

Ensure that ad-hoc distributed queries are enabled for this function to work.

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