Removing Contacts from Lists in Bulk

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Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura
Objective: This article covers how to bulk remove contacts from individual list(s). There are multiple methods to achieve similar results, however these methods are the recommended options, although they may not serve as a solution in every situation. If you have any questions, please email


Create a static segment of the contacts you'd like to remove from the list(s)

If you do not have criteria that will target your desired contacts:

  1. Upload .CSV file of desired contacts.
  2. Assign to a new mailing list.
  3. Create a static segment of contacts on the newly created mailing list. 
  4. Use this static segment to proceed to Step 2.

Click 'View Contacts' after selecting the segment.


Select all contacts by checking the box in the top left-most column listing of contacts

Note: You must select directly within the checkbox to select the contact(s). If you click outside the checkbox, it will deselect all previously selected contact(s).

Go to More > Remove from Mailing List

This is found in the top row of buttons when viewing your contacts.


Select the lists in which to remove the contacts

Confirm the total number of contacts you would like to delete.

  • Remove the # selected contact(s) only: This option deletes all contacts with the checkbox checked.
  • Remove all # contact(s) in this view: This option deletes all contacts within the segment you are currently viewing.

Click 'Remove from list(s)'

These contacts are no longer on these lists. Note: This did not remove these contacts from your account. To remove them from your account, please visit: How To: Bulk Delete Contacts.

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