This procedure is called from mail2 application as the first step in executing a scheduled campaign

This procedure is reqired to be registered in TR_LOCAL_PROCEDURE.

Executed By:


Depends on procedures:


If the campaign is performance based:

This procedure calls sub-routines LFT_M2_GET_ELIGIBLE_PERFS and LWP_M2_GET_ORDER_DETAILS. The following t_default data is gathered:
m2ListManagerSupressions [If the list ID(s) provided here are checked as dynamic, they will be regenerated]

A performance data set is returned that contains information related to the performance(s) for which a reminder is being sent. This is the output of LFT_M2_GET_ELIGIBLE_PERFS. 
An order data set is returned that contains information about the orders and patrons that have sub-line-items on an order for one of the performances in LFT_M2_GET_ELIGIBLE_PERFS.

If the campaign is custom-view based:

When executed for a Custom view-based scheduled campaign, this procedure calls LWP_M2_GET_CUSTOM_VIEW.
LWP_M2_HANDLE_TRIGGER is responsible for gathering the data for any Scheduled Campaigns (campaigns automatically triggered based on some kind of Tessitura Data). No T_DEFAULT data is retrieved for custom view-based campaigns.

A performance data set is returned that only contains the name of the custom view being used for the campaign.
An order data set is retunred that contains any of the fields selected from the custom view being used.

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