This procedure is executed by the mail2 application when an import of contacts from Tessitura is requested by a user from the mail2 dashboard. This procedure is responsible for gathering information about the addresses selected as a part of the import. This procedure is required to be registered in TR_LOCAL_PROCEDURE. 

Executed from:





@sessionKey varchar (64) = NULL,
@lm_list_id int = NULL,
@m2_list_id int = NULL,
@eaddress_type int = NULL,
@source_no int = NULL,
@only_primary int = 0,
@output_set int = NULL,
@email_purpose varchar(2) = NULL,
@parent_key varchar(50) = NULL

This procedure makes reference to one T_DEFAULT, m2DefaultCustomer. This T_default is deprecated, but the artifact of its reference is left in place for organizations that may still have a reference to it in their T_DEFAULT table. 

If the procedure is executed to gather a segment of an existing mail2 list, then it executes LWP_M2_GET_EXISTING_SEGMENT. If the list manager list ID being passed in is marked as dynamic, then the procedure will attempt to regenerate that list at the point of execution. 

NOTE: Lists that take a significant amount of time to regnerate can cause the Tessitura API application to time out and the mail2 import to fail. By default the Tessitura API application has a timeout period of 30 seconds that it waits for the database to respond. To extend this timeout period, organizations may adjust the web.config file for the Tessitura API application used by mail2. Please refer to Tessitura's documentation if this is required. 

Default Fields Returned:


If custom fields are created in the mail2 dashboard with token values that exactly match any of the fields returned by this procedure, including those retrieved with from an output set passed in, the custom field in the mail2 dashboard will be updated with the value of the field coming from Tessitura.

Source numbers and promotions

If a source number has been promoted to the list manager list being used for the import, then this procedure will select the most recent source number promoted to the list manager list ID being used, and return that to the mail2 dashboard for use in a custom field for each email address. This source_no is then associated with the emails and used to update promotions on associated campaigns deployed to the list that results from the import. 

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