This procedure accepts no parameters. This procedure is intended to be used as part of the  Asynchronous Promotion Processing workflow. This procedure should be scheduled to run as often as your organization requires and processes any rows present in the local table LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE. This procedure does the following actions:

  1. Retrieves any stored promotion actions from LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE that need to be updated in Tessitura's native T_PROMOTION table. 
  2. Updates the promotions as required. 
  3. Truncates LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE and logs any promotions processed as part of this process in LT_M2_PROMOTION_LOG
  4. Deletes any rows in the LT_M2_PROMOTION_LOG table that are older than 3 months. 
Any customer_no that has ownership of the email tagged in the response row, and also has a promotion row in T_PROMOTION for the source_no for the entry, will have its promotion row updated with the appropriate response. For example: If user@user.com opened a campaign tagged with source_no 2345, and customer record in Tessitura that was linked to user@user.com in VS_EADDRESS (Security and control grouping is respected in consortium environments) would have its promotion for source 2345 updated with the appropriate response.

This procedure updates the following tables:


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