Setting Up Tessitura Integration for Scheduled Campaigns

Knowledge Level:
Time: 30 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL
Objective: In order to enable scheduled campaigns for your mail2 application, you should follow the steps below.


Email to obtain the installation procedures.

We will make them available via your mail2 dashboard.


Configure all applicable new t_defaults for scheduled campaigns.



Let us know that you have installed the procedures and configured your t_defaults.


We will test your installation.

Once compelted, we will enable scheduled campaigns for your dashboard.


m2ScheduledListCat ID from TR_LIST_CAT for use with your scheduled campaigns. A new list is created each time a job runs, that contains the patrons included for the particular job.

m2SuppressSeasonTypes Comma separated list of any season types that should never be included when looking for eligible performances. Common use case is excluding any parking seasons or restaurant seasons.

m2SuppressConstituencies Comma separated list of any constituencies that should always be suppresses from receiving any scheduled campaign.

m2SuppressPerfTypes Comma separated list of any performance types that should always be excluded from receiving scheduled campaigns.

m2ListManagerSuppressions Comma separated list of LIST IDs from list manager. Any patrons on any of these lists will be suppressed from receiving any scheduled campaigns.

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