When Asynchronous Promotion Processing is enabled, actions such as clicks/opens/unsubscribes are stored in this table for processing against the actual promotion records on constituent records in Tessitura at a later time. After action rows in this table are processed they are moved to LT_M2_PROMOTION_LOG for archiving. 


[sessionkey] [varchar](64) NULL,
[source_no] [int] NULL,    --source_no to update promotion row for with appropriate action
[opened_at] [datetime] NULL, --date/time of the action
[email] [varchar](80) NULL, --email address that took the action
[campaign_id] [int] NULL,  --mail2 campaign ID for which the action took place
[response] [int] NULL,  Maps to Tessituras promotion responses
[action] [varchar](80) NULL,  --The type of action. Open/click/unsubscribe/etc.
[customer_no] [int] NULL --customer_no to update. 

This table is updated by:


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