This procedure is responsible for updating actions taken against deployed campaigns in Tessitura's T_PROMOTIONS table.


@sessionKey varchar(64) = null,
@address varchar(80) = null,
@action varchar(80) = null,
@list_id int = null,
@opened_at datetime = null,
@campaign_id int = null,
@parent_key varchar(50) = null,
@list_name varchar(100) = null,
@list_type char(10) = null,
@source_no int = null

If the t_default m2UpdatePromoInBulk is set to 'N', this procedure updates promotions for the following actions immediately upon receipt of the communication from mail2:

  • campaign click
  • campaign open
  • campaign unsubscribe
  • campaign global unsubscribe

Any customer_no that has ownership of the email tagged in the response, and also has a promotion row in T_PROMOTION for the source_no being passed in, will have it's promotion row updated with the appropriate response.For example: If user@user.com opened a campaign tagged with source_no 2345, and customer record in Tessitura that was linked to user@user.com in VS_EADDRESS (Security and control grouping is respected in consortium environments) would have its promotion for source 2345 updated with the appropriate response.If the t_defaultm2UpdatePromoInBulk is set to 'Y', this procedure inserts the details of the communication into LT_M2_PROMOTION_UPDATE for processing at a later date.

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