Using Data Review

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura
Objective: Data review is a new tool that allows you to preview your Tessitura data for a scheduled job or integrated workflow directly in your dashboard. By entering a valid date range, you can view all of your data associated with the scheduled job before its automatic deployment. It can either provide you with assurances that your data is correct, or provide you with insight if the data does not look quite right.

You will want to contact your Database Administrator to review how the performances or custom view is set up. mail2 is simply "calling" Tessitura for information; what you see in the data review is what Tessitura is "answering" with.


Go to Tessitura Integration and choose either Scheduled Campaigns or Integrated Workflows


Select 'review' for the specific campaign


Insert the dates for which you'd like to review

For example, if you are a testing a daily scheduled job, you will always put in the date of the actual performance and the date immediately after. This tells the Scheduled Campaign job to locate performances within that specific 24-hour block of time and use that performance to complete the test.


Click "Retrieve Data"

Every line of data will be returned for you to review.

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