This web method changes one contact's status from Unsubscribed to Subscribed, HardBounce, SoftBounce, or Pending. It is possible to resubscribe a globally unsubscribed contact without the need to send a reconfirm campaign. The contact must have the status of Unsubscribed. Before using this web method, obtain the unique identifier (email address or ContactId) for the contact whose status you want to change. In order to use the ResubscribeContact web method, permission must be granted on the mail2 account settings. For more information, contact


array contactKey Required. At least one of the contactKey parameters is required. If both are defined, ContactId takes precedence.
long ContactId The unique numeric value assigned by mail2 to the contact. This should be set to 0 if you are using the ContactUniqueIdentifier (email address) as the contactKey.
string ContactUniqueIdentifier A value for a specific contact attribute that is used to uniquely identify the contact in mail2 (email address). 
string status Required. The value of Status to change the contact to. One of: Subscribed, HardBounce, SoftBounce or Pending. Do not use the Unsubscribed value. Contacts must already be in the Unsubscribe state to use this web method.


For each contact, this web method returns the result of the resubscription attempt.
string ResubscribeResultCode The result of the subscription attempt. One of: Success - The contact’s status was updated.

InternalError - An internal error occurred.
InvalidContact - A value provided for a contact identifier does not exist or is not valid for the account.
ContactIsDeleted - The contact whose status is being changed has been deleted.
ContactIsNotUnsubscribed - The contact whose status is being changed is not in the Unsubscribed state.
AccessDenied - The mail2 account settings do not have the appropriate permissions for this web method.
Error – This result reserved for future use and is never returned.
StatusRequired – A value for Status was not provided.

The request will look like this:


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