What is the Prospect-to-Patron Path from mail2 to Tessitura?

First, it's important to note that mail2 is the "database of record" or "parent" when it comes to tracking e-addresses and email marketing opt in / opt out preferences. For this email marketing data, Tessitura is considered the "child" database.

When a new prospective patron enters their email address on your mail2 sign up form, mail2 collects that email address and its list preferences.

mail2 immediately passes that new email address & opt in preferences over to Tessitura via the API. The system looks to see if that email already exists in Tessitura on a local table called LTX_M2_ELISTS_EADRESS. This table contains all the e-addresses and opt in / opt out data between mail2 and Tessitura. It's constantly updated in near real time as changes are made. (See this support article for details)

The system immediately looks to see if that email address is already associated with an existing patron record in Tessitura, and if so, it simply adjusts the opt in / opt out preferences as needed.

If the email address is not found in Tessitura, it's added to the LTX_M2_ELISTS_EADRESS table and is now considered an "orphan" email address - or an email address that is not yet associated with a specific patron record in Tessitura.

Then, if and when a new patron record is created in Tessitura that uses that very same "orphaned" email address, the system automatically associates it with the newly created patron record. In short, each time a patron record is created, it automatically looks to see if it can "de-orphan" an existing email address on LTX_M2_ELISTS_EADRESS. There's no manual intervention needed for this and it's all handled in near real time.

Likewise, if the "orphan" email address had send history in mail2 before it became associated with a new patron record, that send history will also be visible in Tessitura via the mail2 custom screen. No manual intervention is needed here either.

Also, it's also important to note that since mail2 tracks email address preferences and history at the email address level, duplicate patron records are a non-issue. If an email address is associated with more than one patron record in Tessitura, the opt in / opt out preferences are the same regardless of which patron record you're viewing. That way, if you ever need to merge multiple patron records, you don't have to worry about which one has the "correct" email marketing preferences, because they're tied to that single email address.

Finally, it's also very important that box office or customer service staff use the mail2 custom screen in Tessitura to make any updates to e-addresses and opt in / opt out preferences. 

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