Integrating Surveys

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 20 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL
Objective: This article outlines how to integrate surveys.

Install the mail2 Tessitura Integrated Surveys package

This is a single script and installs the database objects needed to drive the survey integration. The script will automatically register two survey procedures in TR_LOCAL_PROCEDURE and output the IDs that need to be sent to mail2 in the next step. Please email to request the most current version of the install/update script.


Send an email with the ids of the two procedures registered in Step 1 to

We can then complete the integration and turn on survey communications from your dashboard. 


Enable the mail2 Surveys Custom Screen

In TR_CUSTOM_TAB, make an entry that mirrors your mail2 custom screen. Change the d_object field URL so that it references:[youraltkeyhere]&customer_no=<<key>> The altKey is the same as the altKey in your mail2 preferences custom screen.


Ensure Security is Set Correctly

If you need to use a different security object, ensure it is updated and set properly in the Tessitura security application.

After we have enabled surveys for your dashboard, you can begin testing.

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