Connecting to the API

Knowledge Level: 
Time: NA
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL, API
Objective: Our Email Marketing API is a REST-based email delivery and tracking service that allows you to easily and seamlessly add email list management functionality into other applications. Our API allows you to extend the functionality of your applications by integrating email marketing components to create enhanced user experiences.

REST Endpoint

Our REST endpoint is located at

You can connect to it programmatically from any language.

To preserve reliability and prevent your API Key from being disabled, please keep calls to less than 1,500/minute and 30/second.


Access to mail2 functions is handled through API keys. Contact us at to obtain your API key.

If a user with which an API key is deleted, the API key associated with that user is deleted as well, since the keys permissions are associated with the user. If you have applications that depend on an API key, and the associated user needs to be deleted, make sure to create a new API key first and use that in your application.

Each of the API Functions can be used with the REST API via the following URL:

Here’s an example using the List_Subscribe method to opt an email address into a list.

All responses to API methods are returned using JSON.

Note: The method name should be in camel-case.

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