Segment Transfer (mail2 to Tessitura)

Knowledge Level:
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Contact Management
Objective: Segment transfer gives your organization the ability to transfer lists of patrons from mail2 back in to Tessitura List Manager lists. Create segments out of your top-engaging patrons, patrons who share you on Facebook, or people who clicked on certain links in a campaign. After that, it's as easy as clicking the SSX button in the upper right of your screen. Please note: SSX is currently only able to be used on Segments of 20,000 contacts or less.

To get started, log into your Mail2 dashboard and select Tessitura Integration > SSX


Select which segment you would like to transfer from Mail2 into your Tessitura database.


Provide a name for your list that will be created in Tessitura.


Select Extras

  • If you check the “exclude households” box, the household accounts will be excluded from the list manager results.
  • If you select the “limit to primary” box, the only constituents that will be added to the list manager list are those where the eaddress from the segment is the primary on the account.

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