Troubleshooting: Drop-down in Custom Screen

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 10 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Windows
Objective:  If you're unable to select a value from the dropdown menu in the mail2 Tessitura Custom Screen, and you're only able to highlight the value. You'll need to follow the steps outlined below to fix the bug with Windows. It will allow you to use the email drop-down controls that allow for address selection. This is from the Tessitura support site, and also is noted on Microsoft's support site. You'll most likely need to have a technical staff member make this change to your system. This is a known issue caused by a design change in Internet Explorer 7. Fixing the problem requires editing the registry, so do so carefully. These instructions were published in a TechNote released with version 7.0 of Tessitura*:


Click Start, then Run, then enter “regedit” and click OK.


Navigate to the following key:

(on 32-bit Windows)


(on 64-bit Windows)

Right-click in the right pane and click New, and then DWORD Value.


Name the new key “tessitura.exe” and hit the enter key.


Double-click the new key, and set the Value data field to the number 1, and click OK.


Close the registry editor.

Restart Tessitura and the dropdown items should be selectable. If you’re interested in more details on the problem and the workaround, see Microsoft’s Knowledge Base.

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