Tessitura Service Interceptors for mail2 functions

There are currently service interceptors available for Tessitura v12 installations that will handle updating associated mail2 list subscriptions and all applicable local tables in Tessitura when a contact point purpose is updated/added/deleted for a given email address.  This new feature also will sync an eaddress change back to the mail2 dashboard which further solidifies the integration between mail2 and Tessitura.

To install and enable the service interceptors (only recommended if you've implemented contact point purpose integration with mail2 from this article), download the .zip file attached to this article that matches your Tessitura version and follow the instructions included in the package.

Security Note: any security group in Tessitura that will need to be able to update mail2 list preferences via CPPs using the service interceptor will need to have appropriate permissions enabled. In the Security Module, in 'Services',  look for the CRM/ElectronicAddresses resource, and give that full permissions to the user group.
Tessitura v12.5: For Tessitura v12.5, there is an updated interceptor. The functionality remains the same, but code within the plug-in has been updated to be compatible with v12.5. If you're upgrading from version 12.1 to 12.5 and you already use the interceptor, you will need to download the 12.5 version of the package attached to this article and update your installation.
Attention Consortium Members: The email update plug-in is not currently compatible with consortium environments so only the Contact Purpose Update plug-in should be registered in step 2 of the installation instructions.  We apologize for any inconvenience.




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