Workflow 101: The Welcome Workflow

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Time: 10 minutes
Suggested Skills: General
Objective: This article reviews the process and options to set up and activate a simple "Welcome" Workflow Campaign. To review specific, detailed steps of setting up a workflow, please view this video.


Determine Your Workflow Trigger

Contacts can enter your workflow through one of two ways: 

By adding themselves and/or being added to a specific list. 

You'll select this trigger if you want to target contacts who are joining a specific list. For example, you'd like to send a Welcome email to only contacts who have opted in to receive communication about donation opportunities.

If you are using a custom email signup form on your website, you will need to check what API call is being used.

If your custom signup uses the List_Subscribe method, this will need to be changed to Contact_Import with the 'triggerWorkflows' parameter set to true.

If you are already using Contact_Import, then you will need to ensure that the triggerWorkflows parameter is set to true. When the triggerWorkflow parameter is set to true, this will enter the contact into any and all workflows they meet the trigger criteria for.

Once you have confirmed that you are using the Contact_Import method, you can proceed with the steps outlined below.

By completing a signup form.

You'll select this trigger if you want to offer a general welcome email to any contact who has signed up via the mail2 signup form on your website. 


Design Your Email

You can design your email in the Smart Email Builder, the Full Email Editor, your own HTML file, by pasting your HTML into the Full Email Editor or through a static URL. Under campaign details, ensure the "This campaign is part of a Workflow" box is checked. Your design can vary, it can be a simple welcoming message, or it can include a limited offer. Some questions to consider as you design your campaign:

Who will this campaign be going to? (those who signed up for a list with a specific purpose or those who signed up for general information?)

What effect do you want to have on recipients of this campaign? (do you want them to buy tickets, donate, volunteer or simply feel welcomed?)


Assign Your Email

Drag and drop the email icon into your workflow grid. Double click on the "Send Email" icon once placed and select the campaign from the list. If you do not see your campaign name, ensure the "This campaign is part of a Workflow" box is checked. Rick click the "Send Email" icon to edit or delete it.


Complete and Activate Your Workflow

Connect the nodes by hovering on each icon and pulling the arrow to the next logical step in the workflow. You'll pull an arrow from the "Trigger" icon to the "Send Email" icon and an arrow from the "Send Email" icon to the "Stop" icon. Click "Validate and Finish" and you'll be taken to the Workflow Overview page. Click "Activate" and your Workflow is now live and accepting any new contacts who fit the criteria for the trigger.

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