New Features as of February 5, 2017

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Objective: This article reviews the new features released on Sunday, February 5, 2017. 

Navigation Changes

Alongside the significant visual and functional changes made to the main areas of the product, the navigation model for areas with sub-areas (e.g. Contacts tab and Fields tab under the parent “Contacts”) has been streamlined. Drop-down menus have been added to the main navigation bar for all main tabs that previously had sub-tabs. To make room for future enhancements, the ‘sub-tab’ display been removed from each sub-area and are now available as an option on the dropdown menu.

Clicking directly on a main navigation bar label (e.g. “Contacts”’) as opposed to an option in the drop-down (“Contacts” or “Fields”) will take you to the last sub-area you were in from that group. For example, if you view the Fields page, navigate away, and then click on the parent-level “Contacts” label in the main navigation bar, you will return to the Fields page.

New Feature: Categories

You can now organize your email campaigns, experiments, lists, etc. by assigning them to one or more categories. Categories allow you to view and manage items using user-defined groups. You can start creating categories by clicking the ‘New Category’ button included in the Categories panel. 

Like in the Media Library, additional categories and category hierarchies can alternatively be created by right-clicking an existing category. You can assign items individually or in bulk to categories via drag-and-drop, or by using the new ‘Categorize’ Action bar button. The categories assigned to an email campaign appear directly on the Email Campaign Summary page; assigned categories can be removed from here as well.

Please Note: This feature is on the account level, not the user level.

New Feature: Grids

In conjunction with the introduction of the new categories feature, all grids in the main areas of the product have been redesigned to deliver a smoother and more cohesive user experience focused on readability and practical use of space and consistency. In releases to come, all other grids in the product will undergo a similar treatment. 

The redesigned grids come with the following helpful new features:

  • Strictly for the purpose of category assignment, grid rows can now be drag-and-dropped either individually or in bulk by selecting the checkbox(es) first and then clicking anywhere on the selected row(s) and dragging. 
  • Any column that displays a date/time now features a common filter in the header row that contains the same set of canned filter options, including a custom date range option. 
  • Sortable columns are now marked with an underline style in the grid header row, and the active sort column’s header label now appears in blue. 
  • Across all grids that feature a ‘Status’ column, a color treatment has been added to each status in order improve overall readability and to make the grid easier to scan. 
  • It is now possible to highlight and copy text in the grid.

Open and Click Tracking

In an effort to increase the performance and resilience of one of our busiest and most important systems, open and click tracking have been moved to Microsoft Azure. You will begin to notice improvements in speed and concurrency among report pages. This is a rolling release to the entire system; the changes will occur in your organization’s account either immediately or gradually.

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