Using a Workflow To Reengage Contacts

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 30 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Communication Strategy
Objective: This article reviews the process for setting up a Workflow to launch a reengagement campaign with inactive contacts as determined by mail2 engagement data. 


 Identify Inactive Contacts

You can use open and click data in your mail2 account to determine inactive contacts. In this example, we'll use your mail2 engagement data to target individuals who have not opened one email campaign within a time period (365 days).  Create a segment of inactive contacts.

Remember to consider any seasonal programming. Just because someone hasn't opened in a certain time period does not necessarily mean they are not engaged. Are you targeting the past 6 months and your seasonal campaigns fall outside of that timeframe? Contacts may be engaging with your seasonal campaigns and ignoring your regular campaigns. Be sure to exclude them from this process, as you want to keep those contacts! 


Send an Email Campaign to the Segment

Send an initial reengagement email to the segment of inactive contacts you created in step 1. Then, we'll use their behavior on this email to trigger the workflow. 

Email: Strategy and message:

We will send them an email with a link to a promo code of 25% off their next visit to tempt them to come back and give us another chance.

We'll also notify them that, unless they click a very prominent "Keep me on the list" button in the email within 2 weeks, because of their disinterest, we'll go ahead and call it quits and remove them from the list.

Create Your Workflow Strategy

Now that the initial campaign is sent, we'll build out our workflow in this step and it will look like this:

We'll use the Trigger criteria of "Email Action" referencing the initial campaign from Step 2, of individuals who did not open the email in the first 336 hours of the campaign (the first 2 weeks). The trigger criteria will look like this:

Anyone who has not clicked on the link in the first 2 weeks will remain inactive and enter the workflow. Once they're in the workflow, we want to send them another email, a "last-chance" type email similar in tone and messaging as your first reengagement email from Step 2. We'll give them another 2 weeks to click on the "Stay on List" link in either campaign so we'll use a "Delay" node and set it to 2 weeks. We'll create a segment and use a "Check If" node to determine if they've clicked on the link or not. This will effectively place the patrons into 2 different groups. 

Our segment criteria will look like this:

Because we are dealing with non-engaged contacts, we want to be sure our criteria is measuring proactive responses. We don't want to measure "those who did not click" on "do not keep me in the list", because it is highly likely non-engaged patrons will not click in the first place. We want to collect active patrons, so we require an action to indicate their wish to remain active. All others can be assumed as inactive, as they may not even open the email. Basically, "do nothing if you wish to be removed".
Group 1 (clicked on link) Group 2 (did not click on link)
Because they have opted to remain in the list, we'll take no further action and they'll exit the workflow. Because they have not interacted with any of your reengagement emails of the past 4 weeks, they'll enter the "Update Contact" node and will be removed from your mailing list. We'll also delete these contacts from our dashboard to reduce our contact quota, using this third segment as the list of  contacts to delete.

Messaging Tips

  • Remember, these people have not been interacting with your organization. What you are doing is not working for them, so change it up a bit!
  • Use soft language when informing your patrons that you recognize they have not opened or clicked your campaigns. Too direct language can spook less tech-savvy patrons into feeling as though you can read all of their emails, which of course you can’t do. (at least not through mail2!)
  • In this example, we're luring them back with a promo code. But there are other strategies you could employ, like plain-text style emails to personalize the approach, competitions, emotional pleas, or highlight your offerings to remind them of why they signed up in the first place.

Validate and Activate 

Once you are ready to fully automate your workflow, validate and activate your workflow to begin accepting contacts.

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