New Features and Updates as of May 7

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Objective: This article reviews the new features and updates released on Sunday, May 7, 2017. 

Delivery Notifications

This feature allows you to send a copy of the campaign delivery notification to up to 5 additional email recipients. All users who would normally receive a copy of the campaign delivery notification will continue to receive it, regardless of whether or not any additional recipients are specified. Additional recipients can be added and changed up until the point of campaign send. Copying a campaign will also copy any additional recipients.

Faster Navigation

mail2 will now have faster start-up times post-deployment. Customers who access the product shortly after a deployment will experience noticeably reduced wait times when loading dialog and page content, as well as when navigating across the application. Improvements have been made to a few key points in the workflow campaign and regular campaign sending process that will result in faster send times for workflow campaigns in particular. We've also reduced the risk of database locking during routine campaign data summarization. 

Media Library Updates

Updates to the Media Library include:
  • Hovering over an image after exiting the image editor will now bring up the preview.
  • Overwriting an existing PDF file with a new file bearing the same name is now possible.
  • In ‘Grid View’, the parent directory icon will now always appear at the top of the list when sorting using any column.

Smart Email Builder Updates

Updates to the Smart Email Builder include:
  • Certain characters could occasionally be inadvertently stripped when found in specific areas of the content – this is no longer the case.
  • It is now possible to permanently delete paragraph tags (<p>) in the HTML view.
  • When editing the Plain Text version of the campaign, the cursor will no longer hop back up to the top of the page after the auto-save event occurs.
  • The auto-save will no longer immediately occur as soon as the Plain Text editor appears.
  • The presence of certain special characters will no longer cause sends and tests to fail.

Adobe Analytics Integration

You can now benefit from enhanced custom tracking by integrating mail2 activities into your Adobe Analytics environment. Using this feature, your Adobe Analytics ID will be appended to all tracked links in every email campaign.

A new Adobe Analytics option has been added to the ‘Integrations’ tab in the My Account area. You can globally enable/disable the auto-appending of your Adobe Analytics identifier from the ‘Integrations’ tab; this will instantly impact all (unsent) campaigns. Customers can enable/disable the auto-appending of their Adobe Analytics identifier on a per campaign basis. To this end, a new Adobe Analytics option has been added to the ‘Analytics’ panel on the Email Details page. This new analytics option can be used together with the existing Google Analytics and Custom Tracking options. 

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