Automating Travel and Parking Reminders with Integrated Workflows

Please note: This article is provided as a resource for organizations who would like to utilize their own custom views for automated travel and parking reminders.
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Developed by: LeeAnn Douglas and Jerry Boutot at the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Custom Views
Problem Example: The Straz Center is an iconic part of Downtown Tampa’s bustling cultural scene. Located along the Tampa Riverwalk, this large and active performing arts venue attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to its doors every year. It anchors an area that is also home to a wide variety of parks, museums, dining, shopping, and hotels. As Downtown Tampa continues to thrive as a very popular destination, parking accommodations for visitors has become an issue. Multiple concurrent events at the Straz Center and in surrounding areas can result in a high volume of traffic and delays. In addition, a parking lot next to the Straz Center has been closed. Visitors that became accustomed to parking there have had to find new travel or parking arrangements. The Straz Center needed to help them navigate the situation. 
Solution: The Straz Center has been sending automated pre-show reminders for several years and those reminders have always included important travel and parking information for patrons. However, in light of the new parking situation in Downtown Tampa, some patrons still were not getting the message so they could adjust their travel plans accordingly. To increase the amount of exposure to travel and parking messaging, LeeAnn Douglas determined that special automated campaigns were needed to bolster their communication efforts.

First, the Straz Center sends a single Performance-Based Scheduled Campaign with a pre-show reminder to all ticket buyers seven days prior to each show.
Next, an Integrated Workflow sends an email with specific travel and parking information to ticket buyers five days prior to the show. Any patron who did not open the five day notice, remains in the workflow and automatically receives another travel and parking email two days prior to the show.
Finally, any ticket buyers who purchased in the last five days (and didn’t get picked up by the Integrated Workflow), get picked up a in Custom Scheduled Campaign that sends a similar travel and parking email prior to their performance.
More specifically, let’s take a closer look at the set up for the Integrated Workflow that delivers the travel and parking emails at five days and two days prior to each show.

Build and Test the Travel and Parking Emails

The emails for the five day and two day notices are similar in that they contain details on multiple parking options that are available in Downtown Tampa. The emails also contain information and links for alternate forms of transportation for patrons to consider for their visit.


Create the Custom View

Build the Custom View in Tessitura that gathers up all ticket buyers with a performance five days in the future. Learn more about  Setting Up a Custom View for mail2. 


Build a Segment to Control the Second Workflow Email

Once ticket holders enter the workflow, they will immediately receive the first travel and parking email five days before their performance. By tracking which patrons did or didn’t open this first email, the workflow can then route contacts accordingly.

The next step in the workflow will use a segment to identify contacts who did not open the first email and then route them to remain in the workflow. Contacts who opened the first email will simply exit the workflow. After a 3-day delay, contacts that didn’t open the first email, are sent the second email that arrives two days before their performance.

Learn about  Creating a Segment.


Build the Workflow in Your mail2 Dashboard

With the email campaigns and the segment ready, you can now move on to constructing the workflow in the dashboard. See this article for  Building a Workflow.


Set Up, Review and Activate Your Integrated Workflow

Once you’ve built your workflow, it’s then just a matter of connecting it to Tessitura by setting up an Integrated Workflow scheduled job. The scheduled job is what “scoops up” the contacts from your Custom View in Tessitura and deposits them into your mail2 workflow.

Check out this article for  Creating an Integrated Workflow.

Using mail2’s automated campaigns to improve the patron experience has been a part of the Straz Center’s digital strategy for a long time. Leveraging Integrated Workflows to deliver timely travel and parking information to patrons has added another welcome element to their approach.

If you have an idea for email automation that you would like to explore, please feel free to contact. We can work with your organization to help you take advantage of mail2’s Integrated Workflows.

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