Creating an Autoresponder

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Contact Management
Objective: Autoresponders are email campaigns that send to any contact that matches specific time or action-based criteria. For example, you can create an autoresponder to send an email welcoming new patrons that have signed up for your newsletter, Happy Birthday emails, renewal emails, and more. Autoresponders campaigns can be configured to have specific start and end dates or can continue to run indefinitely. This article provides an overview of what is required for an autoresponder, and the two types of autoresponders.

There are three major components to an autoresponder campaign:

  • Design: (the provided mail2 template, or one you create)
  • Criteria: (sets who will receive the campaign, and when)
  • Schedule: (when it will start and when/if it will stop)

There are two types of autoresponders:

Recurring (time-based criteria)

Happy Birthday Emails
Customer Retention Emails
Renewal Notice Emails
Learn How To: Create a Recurring Autoresponder

Triggered (action-based criteria)

Welcome Emails
Drip Campaigns
Lead Nurturing
Learn How To: Create a Triggered Autoresponder

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