Survey & Events Integration Specifications

Knowledge Level: 
Time: NA
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL, Surveys
Objective: When you first create a new survey or event in your mail2 dashboard, the basic details about that survey are passed back into Tessitura. 

When a Survey is in Draft Status:

  • LTR_M2_SURVEYS: The details of the survey, like survey name, are generic until the survey status is changed to "activated" in your mail2 dashboard. This row is just a placeholder until your survey becomes activated. 

When the Survey is in Active Status:

Once activated, all of the final details about the survey, questions and responses are communicated to Tessitura and stored in local tables. 

  • LTR_M2_SURVEYS: The survey details themselves are stored here
  • LTR_M2_SURVEY_QUESTIONS: This includes details about the question type, the text of the question itself, and other meta-information about the questions on a specific survey. 
  • LTR_M2_SURVEY_QUESTION_CHOICES: If a question has suggested or documented responses, such as a multiple choice or matrix style question, each possible choice to a question on a specific survey is stored here. 
  • LTX_M2_SURVEY_RESPONSES: Any responses that are completed are automatically sync'd to this table.
  • LTR_M2_SURVEY_RESPONDENTS: Information about the respondents that complete the survey are sync'd to this table.

When the Survey is Closed:

Once the survey has closed, the status of the survey in Tessitura is updated to reflect the change. Surveys can always be sync'd after they are closed to populate survey data in Tessitura in the local tables defined earlier. If you have sent surveys from mail2 in the past, and wish to send the data to Tessitura, past surveys can be sync'd as long as the survey was collected in a personally identifiable way and was not anonymous. 

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