Building Your Subscription Management Forms

Subscription management forms allow the recipients of your email campaigns to manage their preferences, unsubscribe and update contact information for themselves. These forms can only be accessed via a received email campaign, by using the [Campaign.ManagePreferencesURL] token or by using an automatically appended footer. Learn more about footers.

Step 1 Go to Forms

Step 2 Go to Subscription Management Forms

Step 3 Click on '+New Subscription Management Form'

Step 4 Name Your Subscription Management Group

You can use different subscription management groups as a way to reach unique targets of your audience (eg donors, subscribers, etc.), or use one group to cover your entire audience. 

Step 5 Select the form in which to edit 

Update Preferences Form
Thank You Form

Unsubscribe Form
Unsubscribed Page

Email Change Confirmation Page
Email Changed Page

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