New Update: November 5

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Objective: This article reviews the new features and updates released on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

HTML Size Limitations
Workflow Reliability

HTML Size Limitation

In order to ensure mail2 is not exposed to larger than expected campaign sizes, a maximum HTML code size for email campaigns has been introduced. This setting is reflective of HTML code size only, and does not include images. Historically, there have not been limitations on HTML code size; however utilities like Grammerly can bloat the HTML code mail2 is required to handle, in most cases unnecessarily. User interfaces are now provided to display the current size of HTML code and will subtly alert you when HTML code becomes exceptionally large, in order to ensure the best delivery results. You will see text indicating the HTML size in the following areas of the dashboard.

In the Editor:

In Preview:

In “Check Email”:

To avoid propagation of contents which exceed the HTML code size threshold, campaigns over the limit cannot be saved as templates. If a campaign is attempted to be sent when the maximum HTML code size threshold is exceeded, the campaign will fault, and will be returned to “Draft” status. The maximum HTML code size is 1024 KB.

Workflow Reliability

Operational and architectural enhancements are being introduced to improve Scheduled Campaign and Integrated Workflow reliability. These will be introduced in a phased approached to limit deployment impacts. Over the coming releases additional changes in this area will be deployed and further updates will be provided at that time.

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