Testing Your Performance-Based Scheduled Campaign

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Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura
Objective: This article covers how to test your performance-based scheduled campaign through Tessitura. Testing this way is known as an "integrated test" as this is pulling data live from Tessitura. A Quick Test is different, in that it is not pulling data from Tessitura, but pulling from data on the contact record in the mail2 dashboard. This data can include information from Tessitura through a previous import or as part of a scheduled job, but is not necessarily the most current data. 

Go to Tessitura Integration > Scheduled Campaigns


Locate the Scheduled Job and Click "Test"

A list of all Scheduled Campaign jobs that have been set up are displayed. Note that any newly created Scheduled Campaign jobs start out in the “Off” status. Locate the Scheduled Campaign job you want to test and click the Test button.


Enter in a comma- separated string of email addresses for which you want to send a test

Please note that this comma-separated string of email addresses will be saved on the Scheduled Campaign job. Then, when the job is turned on and set to deploy automatically, these email addresses will receive copies of the email campaigns each time the job runs successfully. In addition, if there are ever any exceptions that prevent the job from deploying, these email addresses will receive an exception notification indicating that the job did not deploy correctly.


Enter a specific date range that corresponds to actual performance(s) in Tessitura

For example, if you are a testing a daily scheduled job, you will always put in the date of the actual performance and the date immediately after. This tells the Scheduled Campaign job to locate performances within that specific 24-hour block of time and use that performance to complete the test.

If you are using Tessitura keywords to include or exclude certain performances from receiving your pre-show reminders, you will want to ensure that the keywords are applied at the performance level and that the keyword used is an exact match to what is specified in the Scheduled Campaign job.

Test with an Order Number (optional)

If you want to test with a specific order number from Tessitura, you can input that number on the test dialog as well. This will use the specific data from that order to render any dynamic content for the test email campaign for your pre-show reminder. Otherwise, the information in your test will reflect the first order listed on the performance.


Click "Start Test"

You will receive a confirmation message when a test is successful. The test email addresses will receive the test campaign within a few minutes. Data from the first order on the performance will be pulled from Tessitura and be placed as dynamic content in your test email. This allows you to verify that the correct data is being pulled from Tessitura and is being formatted correctly in the body of the email. Retest as needed.

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