Update: February 25, 2018

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Objective: This article reviews the new features and updates released on Sunday, February 25, 2018.

Checkbox Custom Field
Empty Values for .csv Import
Database Scalability

Checkbox Custom Field

The new checkbox type will allow users to define and organize up to 60 options, supporting the selection of multiple values from a predefined list. Optionally, the ability to allow users to supply an “Other” value, not available in the predefined list, can be presented when the optional “Allow Other responses” control is enabled as part of the custom field definition.

Within Forms

One of the common places to take advantage of the checkbox custom field is within forms. Offering a pre-defined list of checkbox items is a function which offers great flexibility in populating and managing the contact record. This can exist within a signup form and/or a subscription form.

Update Contact Node in a Workflow

The checkbox custom field has a different structure than existing custom fields, therefore the options to update the checkbox fields are specific to this types of field. These updates include the following options:

  • Set all values and over write existing data
  • Keep existing data and add values
  • Keep existing data and remove values

Empty Values for .csv Import

When performing a contact import, you will be able to specify whether or not blank cells in the import file should be understood as an explicit request to “blank-out” specific field values for certain contacts. Currently, blank cells are ignored and no update action is performed on the contact field. Selecting this option will erase the contact data associated with any blank field in your import file(s). For example, if for a given contact, the “Favorite color” field is blank in your import file and you select this option, the current “Favorite color” field value for that contact will be erased as part of the import action. In the “Advanced Options” panel of the “Preview and Configure” step of the Contact Import Wizard, a checkbox labeled “Insert blank values” has been added. Note that like other advanced options, this setting will save for all future imports.

If this new checkbox is selected and the import action is executed, blank cells in the import file will result in contact attribute values for certain contacts being erased. Knowing that data is erased, it is recommended to exercise caution when enabling this option.

Database Scalability

Operational and architectural enhancements are being introduced to improve Scheduled Campaign and Integrated Workflow reliability. These will be introduced in a phased approached to limit deployment impacts. The functionality introduced in this release will not be immediately visible to existing users, but is required in order to introduce the framework to deliver long term scalability enhancements. Over the coming releases additional changes in this area will be deployed and further updates will be provided at that time.

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