Resubscribe an Unsubscribed Contact

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Contact Management
Objective: This article reviews the three different methods for resubscribing an unsubscribed contact: Signup form, Custom Screen, and API. You cannot resubscribe contacts in bulk; this is to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance.

1. Use a Signup Form

Let the patron resubscribe themselves.

You can direct the patron to your signup form on your website and have the patron enter their email address to either be immediately reactivated (Single opt-in) or once they click on the link in the confirmation email (Double opt-in).

Resubscribe the contact yourself.

You are able to enter the patron's email address in to your signup form directly. If this form is single opt-in, the contact is automatically resubscribed. If the form is double opt-in, an email will be triggered that provides him/her with the link to the update preferences page where the patron can reactive their email. You can also create a 'Resubscribe' sign up form for internal purposes only, bookmarking the direct link in Step 9 of  creating your signup form for quick and easy access.

2. Use the mail2 Custom Screen


Navigate to the Constituent record in Tessitura.


Navigate to the mail2 Custom Screen.


Select the email address you would like to resubscribe.


Click 'Reactivate'.


Confirm reactivation.

The contact is now resubscribed, refresh to see the change reflected.

3. Utilize the API

Use a custom form on your website with the ResubscribeContact API method.

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