Managing Active Contact Levels

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Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Contact Management
Objective: Managing your active contact levels is important to ensure you are paying for active, engaged contacts. This article reviews methods to reduce "bloat" in your account.

How do I view my active contact level?

Go to Reports > Contact Reports

At the top of this page, you’ll see a list called ‘All Contacts’. On the right side there is a column for Active Contacts. This is the number that determines which active contact level you qualify for. In the above example, this account has 3,402 active contacts. 

What can I do to lower my active contact level?

There are three ways to immediately reduce your active contact level:

To remove contacts who are not in any lists


Go to Contacts


Use the "Show" dropdown and select 'Not in Any Mailing List'


In the Status column, select only Active contacts.


Select the checkbox at the top to select all contacts.


Click Delete and ensure "Delete all contacts in this view" is selected.

To remove contacts who are not engaging with your emails:

Create A Segment with the following critiera:

Filter type: Contact field
Using the field: Date added to list (this is the date that they were first added to mail2)
Contacts whose: Day, month and year
Portion of the field: is before [Set the date of your choice here, e.g. if today is Jan 1, 2016, use Jan 1, 2015 to target contacts who have been in your account for at least a year. You may choose to use a date further back to target more extremely non-engaged contacts.]


Filter type: Contact field
Using the field: Date last opened
Contacts whose: Day, month, year
Portion of the field: is blank

Your segment would look like this:

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