Recurring Autoresponders

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Contact Management
Objective: Recurring Autoresponders are email campaigns that send based on intervals of time. The interval of time may be annually on the patron’s birthday, six months of not interacting with any of your organization’s emails, or renewal notices. Use recurring autoresponders to ensure you are always engaging with your patrons, even if they haven’t received an email in a while. This article will walk you through how to create a win-back email when patrons haven’t received an email from your organization after a certain amount of time.

Go to Autoresponders


Select ‘Create an Autoresponder’


Select Recurring


Select your type of autoresponder and set your initial criteria

1. Select the type of email you’d like to send.

2. Set your initial criteria (you can edit this criteria later).

3. Click Next.


Name and Design Your Email

1. Name your autoresponder campaign.

2. Select your email design:

  • Use default template provided by mail2: Every autoresponder template has its own default email template that you can choose to use as the starting point for your autoresponder email.
  • Copy an existing email design: Copy the design and contents (including text, images, formatting, etc.) of an existing email campaign or autoresponder and use it as the basis for your autoresponder email.
  • Create an email design: Use the Full Email Editor to create a brand new email design using templates or by copy & pasting in your own HTML code.

3. Add a delay to your interval of time (For example, delay your email from sending immediately to 1 day after the interval of time you’ve selected).

4. Click Start an email. Review: How To: Design Your Email in the Full Email Editor

Please note: Clicking ‘Save’ will save your campaign at its current state and direct you toward the lists of autoresponders. Clicking ‘Save and Close’ will take you to your autoresponder summary, in which you will need to edit your design before you can edit the criteria.

Establish Your Autoresponder Details

Review: How To: Establish Your Campaign Details


Edit your initial criteria

  1. Select what the autoresponder will monitor (email receipts, opens or clicks).
  2. Select whether this will apply to all contacts or only to contacts within certain list(s).
  3. Click Save and Close.

Schedule Your Autoresponder

1. Select when you would like the autoresponder to begin monitoring for the triggered action you have set up. You can choose now or set at a later date and time. If ‘now’ is selected, the autoresponder will send at the same time of day every day a trigger occurs. 

2. If you’d like the campaign to be temporary, check the box and set the date and time you’d like the autoresponder to stop monitoring for triggered actions.

How to Stop an Autoresponder

Press the stop button near the top of the page within the autoresponder detail page.

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