Assigning and Viewing Test Contacts

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Contact Management
Objective: Test contacts are contacts you've asked to provide feedback or approvals on your test email campaigns. We strongly recommend that you test all of your email campaigns before sending to your assigned mailing list. This article reviews how to assign and view the test contacts in your account.

How to Assign Test Contacts


Go to Contacts


Search for your contact

If you need to add a new contact, please refer to How To: Import Your Contacts one-by-one 


Click on the contact to view/edit contact details


Check the box "Test Contact"

Test contacts will receive tests in both HTML and plain-text formats.

When you are ready to send an email to your test contacts, within your campaign, select “all test contacts”. There is a maximum of 10 test contacts per test send. 

Tip: You can also test merged fields using test contacts. If you personalize content in the email design, values are substituted for default test values defined when you set up the custom field.

How To View Test Contacts


Go to Contacts


Select "All Test Contacts" from the "Show" dropdown menu

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