Importing Contacts from Tessitura

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, Contact Management
Objective: This article reviews the process and options to import and segment contacts from Tessitura.

To begin, go to Tessitura Integration > Import



Select your list from Tessitura List Manager

  • Ensure the TMS (or mail2) box is checked on your list within Tessitura. This enables it to show on your mail2 dashboard. (see screenshot below)
  • If you are using an extraction, save it as a list and check the TMS or mail2 box. 
Note: Do not use special characters like & / \ * ' "and others in your list manager list names.


Select the mailing list in which you'd like to associate your new segment

Here, you have two options. You can:

  1. Create a new list

    by selecting “Create a new list". Creating a new mailing list imports all email addresses that are part of a constituent record as long as they match the criteria from the selected List Manager list.

  2. Create a segment of an existing list

    by selecting any of your existing mailing lists. Creates a segment of your List Manager List within the existing visible mailing list. The segment will contain anyone that is in the List Manager segment, that has also opted in to the existing mailing list you selected. This process will create both a mailing list and a segment. You will use the segment when adding recipients to your email campaign(s). 

Note: If you've selected option 2 and your mail2 list is empty, all of your contacts from your List Manager List will be added to this list; this is the same behavior to expect as selecting Option 1 (Creating a new list).


Name the new list or segment


Choose whether or not to add contacts to the mailing list (optional)

If you selected Option 1, ignore this step. If you selected option 2 in Step 2, the ' Add all contacts?' check box will appear. Checking this option adds all email addresses from the List Manager List in Step 1 that match your import selection criteria to the mailing list you've selected in Step 2. Use with caution as this will re-add contacts to the list. 


Filter email address by other Tessitura criteria

If you require additional filters, you can specify a particular email purpose or eaddress type to use with this import. These eaddress types are pulled from the system table: TR_Eaddress_type and are specified for the address when creating the eaddress record in Tessitura.

Additionally, you can import only addresses that are primary addresses if you wish, by checking the box for using " Only addresses marked with the Primary Indicator in Tessitura." 


Populate custom fields through importing an output set (optional)

If you select 'Default Fields', the customer number (customer_no), first name (first_name), last name (last_name), prefix, source number (source_no)*, and email address (address) are imported by default with each import.

*source_no: if the list being imported from Tessitura has been promoted, the source number tied to that promotion will be returned. Otherwise, the value assigned to the m2DefaultSource field in the T_DEFAULTS table will be returned.

You can also select an output set from the drop-down menu. The fields in the output set will be added with the default fields and imported to custom fields of the same name in mail2. The mail2 custom field token value must match the name of the field output from Tessitura exactly, as found in the "description" column of TR_QUERY_ELEMENT. If you’d like to enable this feature, please contact

Once you have specified all of your selection criteria, click “ Import Segment,” and your list or segment will be available for use on the recipients tab for future use in email campaigns. Once the import has been completed, a summary report will be available in your message center. 

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