Importing Contacts via .csv or Excel file

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Contact Management, Excel
Objective: This article reviews the process and options to import and segment contacts from a .csv or excel file.

Go to "Contacts" from the dashboard.



Select and upload your file

Drag and drop the file into the upload tool or use the browse button to select the file on your computer that you want to upload. Once you have your file(s) selected, press "Preview and Configure".


Match Fields

  • The email field is the only required field.
  • Ensure the fields match with the appropriate column from your file. mail2 will match with any column header names with the custom fields you have set up within mail2. However, you may need to make adjustments or add new custom fields.
  • Advanced Options allow additional flexibility:
    • Import Action:
      • Add & Update: Add new-to-file contacts and update exisiting contacts.
      • Add only: Only add new-to-file contacts.
    • Trigger workflows and autoresponders during import: If checked, any workflows and autoresponders you have set up will be triggered by any updates or new data introduced by the import.  
    • File contains column headings: If checked, this will indicate to the system to ignore the first row. (headings will not be erronously imported)
    • Delimiter: Select the delimiter to seperate values. (recommended: comma)
    • Date Format: Set the format of any date values in your .csv. This must match exactly or the import may fail.
    • Text Qualifier: (select which characters indicate where text begins and ends within a spreadsheet cell)
      • Double Quotes: "example"
      • Single Quotes: 'example'
      • None: example

At this point, you can click "Assign Mailing List" to proceed to Step 4, or skip Step 4 and simply import the contacts without assigning a mailing list by choosing that option from the dropdown on the "Assign Mailing List" button.


(optional) Assign your imported contacts to a list

Once you have uploaded your file and made sure that your custom fields are correctly matched, you'll select the list you'd like to add your contacts to. If you need to create a new list, you can do that from this page as well in the bottom-left hand corner.

Select "Import" to begin the import process.

NEXT STEP: Add your mailing list/segment to your standard campaign.

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