Using Promotions in Tessitura

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Time: 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura
Objective: This article explains how to update a promotion record in Tessitura for a mail2 deployment when recipients open, click, unsubscribe, or hard bounce. 

There are two methods of including a source number that identifies the appropriate promotion to update. 

1. This is the preferred option: On the Campaign Details page of the campaign, you'll check the Custom Tracking box option near the bottom of the screen. Once you see the name/value fields, put the text "source_no" in the key field, and the actual source number value in the value field. 

When the campaign deploys, that source will be updated for each contact with a promotion for the source number that you input along with the response that triggers the update.

2. When you import from Tessitura, the source_no that has been promoted to the constituents on the list manager list you are importing is one of the fields that is imported and populated in the source_no custom field by default. If you don't populate the Add URL Parameters with a source, and there is a source_no in the custom field for a contact, then the contact custom field source_no value is used to update the response to the campaign. 

If your organization is updating promotion for contacts, and your promotion table is significant in size, (tens of millions of rows) then you may consider updating your promotions on a nightly basis instead of real-time, as the operation in Tessitura of updating promotions can cause systemic slowness if done in real time. If you need to do this, please contact us and we can provide the proper procedures to update promotions on a nightly basis. 

To enable Google Analytics for Tessitura Integrated Scheduled Campaigns, you will want to insert your Google Analytics information (utm_source, etc.) as keys and pair the appropriate values in the "Custom Tracking" section rather than through "Google Analytics" section.

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