Create a Survey Template

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 20 minutes
Suggested Skills: HTML, CSS
Objective: Survey templates allow you to completely customize the look and feel of your Surveys. Using Survey templates, your customizations can range from creating a template to match your website design to simply changing the font and background color. In order to create your own custom Survey template, you need to have a basic understanding of HTML.

A Survey template must have these tokens included somewhere in the HTML:

{title} - Page Title (Uses the Survey Title from the Presentation page)
{Questions} - Question Block (This is where your actual Survey questions will go)
{Back} - Previous Page Button
{Next} - Next Page Button

These CSS classes can be used to control presentation of the questions:

QuestionBlock - Applied to the whole block of questions {Questions}
QuestionHeader - Applied to the question text
SurveyErrors - Applied to the Survey error messages (when not providing required fields, etc.)

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