Adding/Editing Users and Permissions

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: General, Administrative Permission
Objective: This article reviews the process to access the administrative dashboard to manage users' permissions, add new users and reset passwords. 

1. Ensure You Have Access
2. Add User
3. Edit User
4. Reset a Password

1. Access  (Administrator Users Only)


Use this link and login with your administrative credentials

Be sure to either clear your cache, use a different browser, or open an incognito or private window before switching to the Administrative/non-integrated URL.


From the Dashboard, go to My Account > Manage Users

2. To Add a User


Create a New User

Complete the required fields. The username must be a valid email address. The email address you enter will receive an email invitation to become a user. If you select ‘send invite to me’ the invitation will be sent to the email address associated with your mail2 profile. Check the Email Notifications box to receive email notifications regarding user activity such as campaign sends, etc. Once complete, click ‘Next’


Select your user Roles & Permissions

Select the primary role your user will have. Select different roles to view corresponding permissions. Once you have assigned the appropriate role, click ‘save and close’.

The invitation email will send to either the user’s email address you entered or to you, depending on your setting from step 1. Once the email is received, click on the link within the email to create a new password and log in.

3. To Edit a User


Click on the user to edit

Here you may edit a user profile's information. Once your changes are complete, click “apply changes” and “save”. If you need to make changes to the permissions or roles, click “next.”


Changing roles and permissions

Select a different role or update an existing user permission. Click “Save and Close” to finalize your changes.

4. To Reset a Password


Click ‘reset password’ to send an email to the user’s email address with instructions on how to sign in and reset password

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