Designing an Email Using Smart Builder

Knowledge Level: 
Time: 10 minutes
Suggested Skills: HTML, CSS but not necessary
Objective: This article covers the process to design an email using the Smart Email Builder Visit Smart Email Builder Tools for more specific information on the tools to utilize within the editor.

From the dashboard, select 'Start an Email Campaign' 


Select 'Start Now! Using the Smart Email Builder'


Select a template



Name Your Campaign


Edit Your Campaign

Learn more about the  Smart Email Builder Tools or the Primary Template.

Click Next in the upper right-hand corner to move to the next step or Save to pause.


Edit Your Plain-Text version of the HTML email

Your plain-text version is required in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant. Plain-text emails contain no formatting, no images, and are auto-populated from your HTML content with text and image links, but you may need to make minor adjustments. At a minimum, your plain-text email must contain your organization's address and an unsubscribe link, which are auto-populated via your organization's settings.

Click Save and Next in the upper right hand corner. 

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