Create or Delete a Custom Field

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: General
Objective: If you want to collect information about patrons that is not represented by standard contact fields, create a custom field. For example, use a custom field to store birthdays or gender, if provided to you. All necessary custom fields will automatically be created upon your first Tessitura import or Tessitura scheduled job. Custom fields have a 4,000 character (including spaces) limit. 


Go to Contacts > Manage Fields


Click 'New Custom Field'


Name Your Custom Field

Tokens will be case-sensitive when utilizing this custom field.


Select the Custom Field Type

  • Text Box: plain text values (example: First Name) 
  • Number Box: number values (example: Lead Score) 
  • Check Box: binary value of 'TRUE' (checked) or 'FALSE' (not checked) (example: Subscriber?) 
  • Dropdown: multiple pre-populated plain text values (example: How did you hear about us?) 
  • Calendar: date value (example: birthday)


Specify a default value (optional)

If you want to specify a default value, use the default value option to populate the default value if no custom value is entered.

To Delete a Custom Field

Click within the row of the custom field you'd like to delete. This will highlight the row. You'll then click 'Delete' in the top row of buttons. At this moment, custom fields can only be deleted one at a time.

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