Survey Overview Page

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Suggested Skills: Surveys, General 
Objective: The Overview page provides a listing of all surveys in the dashboard. You can search for surveys, create tags for organizing surveys, and take other actions based on status. Below is a guide for using the functions to find and manage your surveys.

Status Filter
This first drop down shows the four different statuses of the surveys - Draft, Scheduled, Active or Complete. By selecting one or more of the statuses, you can filter the view to show surveys of just certain types.

  • Draft - A draft Survey can be modified and previewed, but no responses will be stored for any of the questions until the Survey is active.
  • Scheduled - A Survey is considered scheduled if it is limited to a date range and has an "opening date" that has not yet arrived. A scheduled Survey cannot be modified and cannot be taken until the opening date.
  • Active - You can find a link to your active Survey in Surveys > View > Active.  A Survey will remain active until the Stop icon is selected, or the Survey closing date passes.  Real time statistics for your active Survey are viewable by clicking on the Report icon.
  • Completed - A completed Survey cannot be taken any longer. Reports for a completed Survey can be viewed from the report page accessible from Surveys > View > Completed.

Type Filter
When you create a new survey, you will be asked if the survey is for an event registration. If so, then the survey will be created and marked as an "Event." If not, it will be created as a regular "Survey" type. Using this filter, you can choose to view either type.

Tags Filter
You can also create tags for organizing your surveys and also search for them based on the tags that you apply. Tags are similar to having a folder structure for as an organizational tool. However, the key difference is that you can apply multiple tags to surveys for more granular organization and filtering. You can use the Tag dropdown to view surveys with just certain tags applied.

Order Filter
The order drop down allow you to sort your surveys by "Newest First" or "Oldest First" (based on the date created) or alphabetically from "A-Z" or "Z-A."

Search Field
The search text box allows you to search on a text string to locate surveys by name.

Tags applied to surveys are displayed on the line next to each survey name.

Underneath each survey name is the last key action date taken for the survey - such as when it was last edited, scheduled, activated, or completed.


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