Rule/Role based email address exclusions

What are role-based email addresses?

Role-Based email addresses are email addresses designed to go to more than one email address at a time, usually through a distribution list. It is an email address that is built for a function, rather than it being for a person. Some examples of role-based addresses are sales@, marketing@, postmaster@, etc…

Email marketing is all about building relationships between businesses/organizations/non-profits and people. Specifically, it is about building relationships with people who have opted in to receive these messages. When sending to a Role-Based email address, you are sending to a group of people who may or may not have opted into your list. Even if one person on the Role-Based distribution list opted in, you might have 10 others that did not. This could cause a spike in spam complaints and threatens our deliverability. It can also begin to have a negative effect on your sending reputation and brand as well.

So, are role-based emails allowed?

Because Role-Based email addresses do not fit well into email marketing, our application will  not allow you to add them as part of a bulk upload or using the API (via Tessitura). However, because we understand that sometimes you might need to send to one of these addresses, and know it to be a legitimately opted in address for all receiving it, we still allow you to add them one at a time inside the web interface by using either the "Copy and Paste" or "One-at-a-time" methods under Contacts -> Add.
New subscribers signing up for your list(s) via our sign-up forms or via the Subscription Center with role-based emails will be allowed.
If the local part of the email address (anything before the “@” symbol) contains the following ANYWHERE within the local part of the email, they will be blocked:


If the local part of the email address (anything before the “@” symbol) EXACTLY matches the following, they will be blocked:

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