Confirmed Unsubscribed Form

Knowledge Level: 
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: General
Objective: This page is used to notify patrons that their unsubscribe request was successful after they click "unsubscribe from all" in the Unsubscribe page. There is only one section in the Unsubscribed page. You may edit the title, paragraph text, add an image or choose to redirect them to a custom URL after a certain amount of time (for example, you can redirect them to a page on your website built to highlight the benefits of rejoining the list).

From top to bottom, these fields on the right side of the screen are defined as follows:

1. Add an image or logo to your form.
2. A description of the image.
3. Edit the size of the image.
4. Edit the title of the form.
5. Edit the text of the form.
6: Check this box and select if you would like to either:

  • Display the message and redirect to a URL after a certain period of time, OR
  • Not display the message and immediately redirect to another URL (for instance, if you wanted to create your own custom website page informing the patron that his/her unsubscribe was successful.)

Once complete, click save and done.

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