mail2 Install/Upgrade

Knowledge Level:
Time: Less than 5 minutes
Suggested Skills: Tessitura, SQL
Objective:The latest version of the mail2 procedure scripts has now been consolidated to a single script which will work whether you're upgrading an existing installation or starting from scratch with a new install.

Latest features:

  • Versioning What version of the mail2 scripts am I running? We now write a row to the T_UPGRADE_SCRIPT_LOG table to record a version and build number so you can better track which version of the scripts you currently have installed.
  • Automatically add LTR_M2_ELISTS to System Tables in Tessitura The LTR_M2_ELISTS tables will now show up in the System Table view in Tessitura without any intervention on your part. If you use Contact Point Purposes, the dropdown for that column which references TR_CONTACT_POINT_PURPOSES will also be created.
  • Creates the row in TR_CUSTOM_TAB for the mail2 custom screen.
  • One script install! No more bulky packages with a pile of scripts that all have to get executed individually.
Warning: If you have any customizations with your procedures, and they are not localized in a separate procedure, this single-script install will overwrite your existing procedure.

Contact us at for the install script.

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